Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring Maintenance | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

With warmer weather just around the corner, it is the perfect time to make sure your vehicle is ready. Get your essential spring maintenance done by scheduling a service appointment at Mitchell Buick GMC in San Angelo, Texas.

Oil change

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It works to keep your engine clean and cool. Over time, dirt and other debris collect in the oil and cause it to thicken. If not changed regularly, that thick engine sludge can damage the engine leading to even more expensive service costs.

Tire maintenance

Your tires keep your vehicle in contact with the road. Routine maintenance ensures they last as long as they should and keep you safe. Tire maintenance typically includes regular tire rotations, which promote even wear, and air pressure checks. Your tires should be inflated at a specific air pressure. When that pressure is too low or too high, this can cause premature damage to your tires.

Battery check

After the colder winter temperatures, your battery may have experienced some stress. Have it tested to make sure it has enough life left to make it through the intense Texas heat.

HVAC inspection

No one wants to be left without air conditioning when Texas summer rolls around. An HVAC inspection makes sure everything is working properly to keep you cool.

Contact us at Mitchell Buick GMC in San Angelo if you need to schedule a seasonal service appointment before your upcoming summer travels.