How To Pack Light for a Summer Road Trip With Your GM SUV

Whether you’re in it for a day trip to Fort Concho or the long haul across Texas, Mitchell Buick-GMC in San Angelo presents tips on packing lightly. You’ll find that capitalizing on the space in your Acadia or Encore means less stress and more room for fun. Here are some tips to pack light on your next summer road trip.

Plan ahead

Before packing those ten extra pairs of socks, make a list of what you’ll need for each day. Plan to bring only seven days’ worth of clothes, and research how you can do your laundry on the road. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that all of your shirts match your pants, making it easier to mix and match.

Pack efficiently

Opt for smaller, light luggage options like a duffel bag or backpack. Challenging yourself to make it all fit will save space for future souvenirs.

You’ll save space in your luggage by rolling, not folding, your clothes. If you’re worried about crinkling your shirts, opt for quick-dry fabrics that don’t wrinkle. Choose one pair of comfortable, multipurpose footwear to save shoe space.

Ditch the extras

Most hotels have essentials stocked, so only bring items that you won’t be able to purchase on the road. If you’re not staying in a hotel, consider bringing sample sizes of the basics.

You’ll thank yourself for replacing clunky books and your laptop with an efficient tablet or e-reader.

Following these road trip tips from Mitchell Buick-GMC in San Angelo, Texas, will save you from over-packing and under-enjoying your summer.

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