Transporting a Kayak with Your GM Vehicle

Living in San Angelo, Texas has numerous benefits. One of those is being so close to multiple water sources, like Twin Buttes Reservoir and O. C. Fisher Lake. Both spots are prime locations for kayaking. If you own your own kayak or two and want to take them on your next water adventure, here are a few tips on transporting a kayak with your GM vehicle.

Roof rack

The safest way to transport a kayak on top of a vehicle is with a roof rack. If you don’t have one, you can get one installed at Jupiter Chevrolet. Also, if your GM SUV only has side rails, you can get crossbars installed.

Kayak attachments

To keep your kayak secure on your roof rack, you should purchase a kayak attachment. This will keep your kayak secure while you’re driving. There are multiple types of kayak attachments including saddles, stackers, and J-cradles.

Loading the kayak

With the right kind of roof rack and kayak attachment setup, you can start loading your kayak. The safest and easiest way to put a kayak on your roof is going to be with someone’s help. With two people, each person can hold an end of the kayak while you put it into place. Be sure to double check all straps and buckles before driving to make sure everything is secured properly.

Contact us at Mitchell Buick GMC if you have any questions about adding roof racks to your current GM vehicle.

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