GM Continues Electric Revolution with New Charging Port Tech

Charging Port Tech | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

General Motors has some standout electric models on the way, like the revolutionary electric Hummer SUV and truck. But, recharging the huge batteries on such vehicles will take a long, long time using normal charging ports. That’s why GM has been developing new charging technology.

The automotive company recently filed a patent for a dual charging port. Why is that? Many GM EVs will use a dual-layer Ultium battery, which consists of two separate battery packs wired together. A dual charging system will be able to recharge both battery packs simultaneously rather than one at a time.

Based on MotorTrend’s speculations, this could revolutionize EV recharging. Bigger GMC vehicles for commercial uses and business fleets could be around the corner. Eventually, you could be driving a heavy-duty, all-electric GMC truck for your utility business here in San Angelo.

Through this innovation, GM continues to show how committed it is to making electric transportation more viable for average drivers, including here in San Angelo, Texas. The development of new electric models in the coming years aren’t just a fad; Buick and GMC are doing what they can to make EV ownership easier — wherever you live and whatever you drive.

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