Transporting a Kayak with Your GM Vehicle

Transporting Kayak | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

Living in San Angelo, Texas has numerous benefits. One of those is being so close to multiple water sources, like Twin Buttes Reservoir and O. C. Fisher Lake. Both spots are prime locations for kayaking. If you own your own kayak or two and want to take them on your next water adventure, here are a few tips on transporting a kayak with your GM vehicle.

Roof rack

The safest way to transport a kayak on top of a vehicle is with a roof rack. If you don’t have one, you can get one installed at Jupiter Chevrolet. Also, if your GM SUV only has side rails, you can get crossbars installed.

Kayak attachments

To keep your kayak secure on your roof rack, you should purchase a kayak attachment. This will keep your kayak secure while you’re driving. There are multiple types of kayak attachments including saddles, stackers, and J-cradles.

Loading the kayak

With the right kind of roof rack and kayak attachment setup, you can start loading your kayak. The safest and easiest way to put a kayak on your roof is going to be with someone’s help. With two people, each person can hold an end of the kayak while you put it into place. Be sure to double check all straps and buckles before driving to make sure everything is secured properly.

Contact us at Mitchell Buick GMC if you have any questions about adding roof racks to your current GM vehicle.

How To Pack Light for a Summer Road Trip With Your GM SUV

Road Trip Packing | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

Whether you’re in it for a day trip to Fort Concho or the long haul across Texas, Mitchell Buick-GMC in San Angelo presents tips on packing lightly. You’ll find that capitalizing on the space in your Acadia or Encore means less stress and more room for fun. Here are some tips to pack light on your next summer road trip.

Plan ahead

Before packing those ten extra pairs of socks, make a list of what you’ll need for each day. Plan to bring only seven days’ worth of clothes, and research how you can do your laundry on the road. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that all of your shirts match your pants, making it easier to mix and match.

Pack efficiently

Opt for smaller, light luggage options like a duffel bag or backpack. Challenging yourself to make it all fit will save space for future souvenirs.

You’ll save space in your luggage by rolling, not folding, your clothes. If you’re worried about crinkling your shirts, opt for quick-dry fabrics that don’t wrinkle. Choose one pair of comfortable, multipurpose footwear to save shoe space.

Ditch the extras

Most hotels have essentials stocked, so only bring items that you won’t be able to purchase on the road. If you’re not staying in a hotel, consider bringing sample sizes of the basics.

You’ll thank yourself for replacing clunky books and your laptop with an efficient tablet or e-reader.

Following these road trip tips from Mitchell Buick-GMC in San Angelo, Texas, will save you from over-packing and under-enjoying your summer.

Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring Maintenance | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

With warmer weather just around the corner, it is the perfect time to make sure your vehicle is ready. Get your essential spring maintenance done by scheduling a service appointment at Mitchell Buick GMC in San Angelo, Texas.

Oil change

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It works to keep your engine clean and cool. Over time, dirt and other debris collect in the oil and cause it to thicken. If not changed regularly, that thick engine sludge can damage the engine leading to even more expensive service costs.

Tire maintenance

Your tires keep your vehicle in contact with the road. Routine maintenance ensures they last as long as they should and keep you safe. Tire maintenance typically includes regular tire rotations, which promote even wear, and air pressure checks. Your tires should be inflated at a specific air pressure. When that pressure is too low or too high, this can cause premature damage to your tires.

Battery check

After the colder winter temperatures, your battery may have experienced some stress. Have it tested to make sure it has enough life left to make it through the intense Texas heat.

HVAC inspection

No one wants to be left without air conditioning when Texas summer rolls around. An HVAC inspection makes sure everything is working properly to keep you cool.

Contact us at Mitchell Buick GMC in San Angelo if you need to schedule a seasonal service appointment before your upcoming summer travels.

Why Buy a Buick or GMC Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Shop Used Buick or GMC | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

You already know that the Buick and GMC lineups offer diverse vehicle types with well-equipped interiors, powerful performance, stylish designs, and the latest in safety tech. If buying new is out of your budget or you just want more bang for your buck, consider a Buick or GMC Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. When you’re considering a CPO vehicle from Mitchell Buick-GMC in San Angelo, Texas, you’ll enjoy lots of great perks to go with an incredible vehicle.

In order to be certified by General Motors, a pre-owned Buick or GMC vehicle must

  • Be no older than six model years
  • Have 75,000 miles or less on the odometer
  • Pass a 172-point inspection
  • Have a clean title and CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™

If a Buick or GMC vehicle meets these qualifications, it’s then offered with a 6-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty and 12-Month/12,000-Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty. You’ll also get your first two service visited included as part of the Scheduled Maintenance Program.

Better still, these perks apply to the latest and best vehicles the Buick and GMC brands have to offer. From the Buick Encore GX to the Enclave Avenir to the GMC Acadia to the Sierra 1500, a Buick or GMC Certified Pre-Owned vehicle delivers the goods.

If you’re looking for the goods in San Angelo, get down to Mitchell Buick-GMC. We’ve got a great selection of CPO vehicles as well as a great offering of new and pre-owned.

Car Maintenance Tips for When You’re Driving Less

Car Maintenance In San Angelo, TX

The holidays are fast approaching, but with the challenges we face today, it’s unlikely to be like any season we’ve experienced yet. Indeed, 2020 has been a year where many of us aren’t driving as much as we used to. But that doesn’t mean you should scale back on taking care of your vehicle. There are several key car maintenance steps you should take when you’re driving less to help ensure its health and longevity for the new year.

Don’t use your parking brake

Your parking brake is great for keeping you safely parked even on a steep hill, but you don’t want to use it long-term. If you leave the parking brake on for too long, it can cause the brake pads and rotor to stick together.

Give it a wax

Sitting idle for an extended period of time can cause more buildup of debris on your car, which can cause the paint to deteriorate and even cause rust. Protect your car’s body and paint by waxing and sealing it.

Park in a clear area

If you’re going to be leaving your car to sit for days or weeks at a time, it’s important to pick the right parking space. Try not to park underneath a tree if you can help it, especially in the fall, when your car will get covered with fallen leaves. If you have to park under a tree, invest in a car cover to keep the elements out.

These are just some of the ways you can take care of your ride when it’s not getting as much action. For all your car maintenance needs, even when you’re driving much less than normal, let the experts at Mitchell Buick GMC in San Angelo, Texas, get you squared away.

How to Celebrate Halloween at Home in 2020

Happy Halloween | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

There are a number of family-friendly Halloween activities you can do this year, whether you want to start a new family tradition or simply have some scary fun in San Angelo, Texas. Enjoying a spooky dinner party, making paper lanterns, face painting, and Halloween cookie-baking are all great ways to connect with your kids and grandkids. Even if you plan to stay indoors the entire evening, you can still have a blast and celebrate Halloween at home in style.

First, start with a spooky dinner party. Halloween is often associated with candy, but older kids might enjoy a gothic-inspired dinner, with a dramatic charcuterie board and plastic spiders. Autumnal flavors are always popular, like spiced cider, pumpkin tarts, and chocolate, but in many cases the decorations are just as important as the dishes you serve.

You can also try making paper lanterns to accompany your jack-o-lanterns, and you can light them with tea candles or small LED bulbs. Simply make a cylinder out of construction paper, add slits, and add a handle. You can decorate using markers or colored construction paper.

Face painting is a smart alternative to masks, and it’s often more affordable. Inexpensive Halloween face-painting kits are easy to find, but you should be sure to wear a layer or Vaseline or cold cream to make removal easier. Older kids may also enjoy a temporary tattoo parlor or YouTube tutorials for more professional and scarier designs.

Finally, cookie baking and decorating are always popular. Simply get some inexpensive cookie cutters, orange and black decorations, frosting, and food coloring.

From our family at Mitchell Buick-GMC to you and yours, have a safe, healthy, spooky, and happy Halloween!  

Tips for Taking a Road Trip with Your Pet

Dog Road Trip | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

Plenty of families take the opportunity to explore the Lone Star State via a family road trip. For many, the complete adventure includes every member of the family, even the ones who walk on four legs. If you are planning on taking a road trip with your pet, there are several things to keep in mind.

Get a vet check-up prior to the trip

The last thing you want to happen is for your pet to suddenly become sick during your extended trip. To ensure that they’re happy and healthy, take your pet to the vet for a check-up right before your trip.

Use a ventilated crate

If you don’t have room for your dog or cat to move around in the cabin of your vehicle, you may need to opt for a travel crate instead. Just make sure that the crate is well-ventilated so that your four-legged family member can keep cool.

Prep your pet for the trip

Leading up to your big road trip, take smaller drives with your dog or cat in the car. This will help them familiarize themselves with the process and put them more at ease when the trip finally arrives.

Never leave your pet in a parked car alone

During the hot summer months, a dog or cat can suffer a heatstroke if left alone inside a parked car. During the winter, leaving your pet in the car can cause them to encounter frigid temperatures. No matter what time of year you take your trip, never leave your dog or cat alone in a parked car.

If you are looking for a vehicle to explore Texas in — pets included — come check out our large selection of pet-friendly vehicles here at Mitchell Buick GMC in San Angelo, Texas.

How to Celebrate the Fourth of July Without Fireworks

4th of July | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

There are a number of ways to celebrate Independence Day with your family in San Angelo, Texas, while still keeping safety in mind. You can read a patriotic story with the kids, have a family potluck or bake-off, create a quiz about the history of our nation, and so much more. With activities like these, you’ll be able to celebrate the Fourth of July without fireworks and not miss a beat.

One of the best ways to get young children involved is by reading them a story or watching a movie that’s about the founding of the United States. Even if you want to keep things light, you can even perform the signing of the Declaration of Independence or Paul Revere’s famous ride to get the family in the right spirit.

Food is a universal people-pleaser, and you can make any intimate gathering more memorable with the right dishes. Try red, white, and blue star cookies, patriotic punch, mini fruit tarts, or a flag cake. Classic cuisine includes grilled corn, potato salad, lemonade, watermelon, and your choice between hot dogs, bratwurst, and hamburgers.

You might also celebrate the Fourth of July at home with a friendly quiz or game. You can ask family members to answer facts about American history and reward them with candy or ice cream, or you can try games such as horseshoes, Fourth of July bingo, a patriotic scavenger hunt, or even an Uncle Sam costume competition.

If you’re looking for a red, white, or blue new vehicle, check out the selection at Mitchell Buick GMC. We’ve got the latest from two classic American brands ready to test drive.  

Tips for Great Grilling in Texas This Summer

Great Grilling In Texas | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

Is there anything more quintessentially Texan than grilling? Walking out onto the patio, firing up the grill, and enjoying a delicious, smoky meal is one of the best parts of summer. With these tips for great grilling, you’ll drive San Angelo wild with the smell of ribs, burgers, and steaks.

To sear or not to sear

You should probably be searing whatever you’re cooking on the grill. Color means flavor, so getting markings on your steak, chicken, burgers, or veggies will make everything taste better. If you’re worried about something overcooking, move it away from the direct heat and let it cook like it’s in an oven.

Dry rubs are king

While some people may think of barbeque as a generic piece of meat slathered in — admittedly delicious — BBQ sauce, that’s not what makes it great. To bring your grilled chicken, pork, or really any protein to the next level, lightly coat it with a dry rub and allow it to rest for as few as 15 minutes or as long as 24 hours. You can still coat it in your favorite barbecue sauce later, but it will have a much richer flavor if post dry rub

Consider smoking

If you happen to have a charcoal grill, you’ve got everything it takes to infuse any meat with a delicious smoky flavor. Once you’ve got your coals started, carefully spread them around the basin of the grill, keeping them close together. Then, continue the circle with unlit coals so the heat will continue to spread.

As the heat moves through the coals, move your meat opposite the heat, and open the vent above it to maintain the appropriate temperature for your protein. This will slowly cook the meat while filtering all of the smoky flavor directly through it. Once it’s cooked rested, you’re in store for the summer meal of your dreams.

If you need a new ride to get you to the grocery store — or if you just want to talk about great Texas grilling — please give us a call at Mitchell Buick GMC.

Texas is Trying to Stop Credit Card Skimmers

Stop Sign

Credit card skimmers have become a problem across the country, which is why the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has placed stickers on each gas pump. These stickers give details on ways to report suspected gas pump skimmers and also pumps that may be delivering inaccurate amounts of gas.

Each gas pump in the state of Texas has a sticker shaped like the state with three ways for you to report a questionable pump. You can do it by scanning a QR code, by calling 1-888-441-FUEL, or by going to the TDLR complaints page.

They also want you to stay vigilant for any signs of tampering at the pump. One possible way to spot a skimmer is to see if the fuel dispenser door seems damaged. Thieves have to open those doors to place a skimmer, so if the security tape is missing or damaged, beware of that pump.

There are also high- and low-tech options to spot a skimmer. The high-tech solution is an Android app called Skimmer Scanner that search for suspicious Bluetooth connections that could be associated with a skimmer.

The low-tech option is more like a precaution. You should try to pick a fuel pump that’s visible to the gas station clerk as pumps that are farther away would be easier for a crook to tamper with without being seen.

The last thing we want at Mitchell Buick GMC is for someone to leave the dealership in a brand-new truck, only for their credit card info to get skimmed the first time they fill up the tank. We hope that these gas pump stickers help customers better protect themselves.