What is Ultium from General Motors?

What is Ultium? | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

General Motors is paving the way for an electrified future for its vehicles and the drivers who love them. They have even set a pressure-cooker deadline. By 2025, the automaker plans shoppers will have 30 new electric vehicles to choose from in its brands’ lineups. How will the automaker achieve such a bold goal of revolutionizing how their vehicles are powered? It starts with its innovative Ultium Platform

Ultium Platform basics

The way GM plans to outfit its range of vehicle types from cars, SUVs, trucks, and even commercial vehicles, is with a versatile power unit that mimics a “one-size fits all” capability. That’s the Ultium Platform — a modular battery and drive unit that has the flexibility to electrify the GM range of vehicles thanks to its pouch cell design.

Ultium power

Not only is Ultium flexible and versatile, it also provides a powerful punch to every drive and an impressive range that keeps you on the road for miles and miles.

“The next generation of EVs by General Motors will be as responsive as they are powerful. Ultium enables a near 50/50 weight distribution of the vehicle and a lower center of gravity, which together result in a vehicle that’s sporty, responsive and allows for spirited driving,” reports GM.

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New Ultifi Platform to Debut in 2023 Models

GM Ultifi | Mitchell Buick GMC | San Angelo, TX

In September, GM announced the introduction of its new Ultifi platform, which will streamline and simplify the installment of new software to your vehicle, enhancing connectivity for you and your family.

The Ultifi platform is an enhancement of the Vehicle Intelligence Platform, which is already rolling out in some GM models. VIP offers over-the-air software updates, fast and safe connections to outside sources, and faster data processing. Ultifi builds upon the capabilities of VIP, enabling “accelerated development and deployment of software and applications over the air to millions of customers, without affecting basic hardware controls,” according to a GM press release.

Ultifi will work similarly to your smartphone in its personalization options, upgrades, and wide variety of apps. Adding Ultifi to your vehicle will give you easy access to the newest capabilities offered by developers. GM also enables you to save some settings to authenticated accounts so you can transfer between Ultifi-equipped GM vehicles.

The cloud-based connectivity of the new Ultifi platform will let you enjoy the full spectrum of your digital life from the comfort of your vehicle. Future projections include using facial recognition software to start your car, linking your vehicle to your smart home, and adjusting teen driver settings based on their real-time location.

The Ultifi platform will start appearing on GM products in 2023. Can’t wait that long for your next ride? Come see what we have in stock today at Mitchell Buick GMC in San Angelo, Texas.